Satan's War Against Man and Woman

  • Posted on: 24 June 2018
  • By: Chris Strevel

Always the consequences of disobedience will be felt. We must be quiet before God and desire nothing but to be what he has called us to be. We learn this only from his word, or we learn it nowhere and are left with nothing but the bedlam of conflicting opinions screaming to be heard. Men and women must stand quiet and trembling before his word (Isa. 66:2), for we are sinners and recovered to his peace at a great price and upon condition that we shall ever after walk humbly before him (John 15:10). If we listen to what the world tells us we should be and feel, these thoughts will only lead us further from God and from peace in our souls.

            Thus, if women reject the authority and position in which they were made to serve their Maker, they will be objectified and degraded. The tragedy of our modern age is that women and men think they know better than God what will make them secure and happy. Women demand the right to be immodest, to be treated as man’s equal, but they demand not to be ogled, pinched, or worse. This is where our sophisticated liberation has brought us. I will do as I please and forbid you to do as you please. This is fake virtue, the devil’s courage to rebel against God’s authority. “Me too” should really be “We all,” for men and women together have forged the catastrophe of immodesty, manipulation, abuse, and guilt.

            We should not be surprised that the world’s carnival is being exposed as a dangerous farce, but some portions of the church feel compelled to join the guilt parade. The guilty should join it, but there is danger in doing so. The church must not look to the world for her moral compass but to the Holy Scriptures. We lost our prophetic courage before the world first in worship. We have replaced the holy with the entertaining. Most ask: How did you feel about the service? Did you feel closer to God? Few ask: What did the Holy God think about my worship? Did he accept it? We carry this same moral relativism into our theology and relationships and witness. How does this make you feel? How can we help you feel better about yourself? We forget that our only safe place is quiet submission to God’s word. If we make our feelings supreme in one area, they will tyrannize us in every area.

            And should feelings or Scripture decide our understanding of a woman’s created role in God’s moral order? The Scriptures are clear that women should not teach or hold authority over men in the church. It is not a question of theological fitness or male superiority but of obedience and submission to the will of God. This is the heart of woman’s struggle: will I submit to God’s authority in my life through my fallen father and then husband, or will I live my way, as Eve did (Gen. 3:16)? The church does women no good by encouraging another path to personal fulfillment and usefulness. A woman cannot be anything she wants to be and retain her wellbeing and happiness; she can only be what God has called her to be.

             If the world’s sins have entered God’s holy dwelling, we must repent for despising his grace and grieving his Spirit and dishonoring his majesty. We must humble ourselves and confess our wickedness. Church courts should hold ministers and teachers accountable. When sins are committed, restitution is not to be found in following the world’s remedies. Have women been abused by the church? They should not therefore be given the keys to office in the church or allowed to remake the church because they are grieved and must be mollified. This is to compound the first sin with a second rebellion. True restitution is a return to be governed by God’s word – to follow the biblical requirements of character and knowledge and experience for men who would lead in the church and to treat women as man’s helpmeet and living image of the church’s submission to our Lord.

            To Christian men in this revolutionary age, follow Scripture. There is a great fire of exposure and judgment burning, and you should get as far from the fire as possible through purity and integrity and repentance before God. Treat younger women as your sisters; older women as your mothers (1 Tim. 5:2). If we want the sexual plague of our nation to be exorcised from the church, we must obey God and put away our sexual idols in thought and deed. We must make a covenant with our eyes and not look at a woman lustfully. Learn how to pluck out your eyes by holding before your eyes of faith the beautiful Savior. Our spouses must give themselves to each other sexually with relish and delight. Where we have been dismissive of our wives, unkind or demeaning to women in general, or treated them as second-class citizens rather than as coheirs of God’s grace – or allowed them to run over us without exerting biblical leadership – we must make restitution to God through obedience – being what he has called us to be. We must love our wives sacrificially, treasure them, lead them, and thereby become great by being the lowest.

            To Christian women, old and young – follow Scripture. Do not think men in the church are holding you back because they encourage you to fulfill the calling God has revealed in his word. Yes, Christian men are supersensitive to being portrayed as barbaric for not allowing women to be pastors and teachers and moral crusaders in the church, but understand that in this, they are standing for God’s eternal truth. You may think you know more than your husband, or even your preacher, but you know nothing as you ought to know it unless you are standing quietly before God. Where do you want me to serve? I will be silent before you. I will plug my ears against the world’s rebellion and urging of me to leave the place my Maker and my Redeemer has formed for me. I will submit to my husband, stop thinking of myself as a martyr or abused because other sinners around me do not treat me as I think they should. All that counts is that I am quiet before my God. This is the spirit, my Lord, that you treasure most (1 Pet. 3:4), so I will seek without sullenness to be the woman you want me to be. This is all my dignity and worth and beauty – to be worthy in your eyes and quiet before your word.

            To Christian young men – overcome the wicked one by becoming strong in God’s word (1 John 2:14). Most of your earthly life will be determined, for joy or misery, by the way you treat women – first your mother, then your wife and daughters. Ask the Lord to make your conscience so sensitive against impurity that you become sick to your stomach at the thought of violating his purity and your own. Dream not of sex but of purity and faithfulness. Drive out the impure loves with the pure love for Christ. Make your good friends those who know him better than you. Pray, Lord, show me where to serve you, the place I can use the talents you have given me. I am your servant and your child; I want only to please you.

            To the church as a whole, this is a moment for us to do a little heart searching about our attitudes toward our spouses, toward our bodies, toward the way we think of and treat the opposite sex. We should also repent of our sins against man as God’s image-bearer. We must stop apologizing to the world for what God has said about man being the head of woman, the husband of the wife. It is his will. This is his world, and it is his right to define the authority structures. All the battles against the Bible, against the Old Testament, and especially against the Genesis account of the unique creation of man and of the woman from the man, are designed to blow up God’s authority structure. It is more of Satan’s murdering of men and societies. If we love women, we must defend God’s truth and call upon them to repent and believe God’s truth about men and the woman’s relation to the man. Vilifying or belittling men treats God with contempt and demeans women – exactly as we are seeing. Christian men must endeavor to live up to this high standard by the power of the Holy Spirit. They do this not by screaming “male supremacy” and belittling women but by being the servant of all, washing feet, speaking God’s truth, and living as Christ did – “I delight to do your will, O God, and your law is within my heart.”

            Our nation is very broken. Satan is cheering on the rebels, egging women on to free themselves from God’s authority structure and betraying men in allowing it to happen. He loves chaos. The family suffers. Children grow up in a million domestic disasters confused, ignorant of their true destiny and purpose. The church is falling all over herself trying to apologize for everything. Better than encouraging self-victimization is the old gospel. Jesus Christ breaks the dominion of sin by his death and resurrection. We must proclaim and live and plead with men in his name to be reconciled to God. Otherwise, group guilt, finger-pointing, and screaming are nothing but an ugly parade to national hell.