• Posted on: 11 July 2016
  • By: Chris Strevel

An alarming reality of our national unraveling is the lack of basis for discussion of the issues that divide us. Soundbites and 10-second video clips long ago replaced substantive debate. Political power is the only remaining referee in our post-Christian national fiasco – Who has it? Who can get it? How can it be used with maximum advantage against one’s political enemies? Before our tears have dried from the latest outbreak of death, talking heads and government bureaucrats have already turned the incident into a political football to further their agendas.

            Their maneuvering is largely successful because the American people have no common understanding of our history, no common faith, and no common intellectual tools to assess the 24-hour stream of information that comes to us at the speed of light. The melting pot of peoples and religions has become a seething caldron of envy, fear, and hatred. The situation is not yet as bad as the media would have us believe, for they are oracles of big government and corporate-funded think-tanks, which have a vested interest in creating fear, unrest, and distrust. Out of the chaos, they hope to further their globalist dreams of statism and suppression, especially of the Christian faith. Behind them lies Satan, scheming.

            Nevertheless, the heat is being turned up by socialists, moneyed elites and centralists, and race-mongering politicians. The masses are scared, for they have been intentionally dumbed down by government education, which is little more than a propaganda arm of the Federalists in order to experiment upon children with the latest social programs and academic theories. It does not help that the poorest and most illiterate can see from their phones and televisions that other people around them enjoy a very different standard of living, and their leaders tell them that they deserve the same. It does not help that there are instances of social injustice and police brutality against minorities – though I would hasten to add that police brutality and unnecessary killing are a danger to the liberties of all Americans. Sadly, in the absence of faith and the wisdom that faith gives, our citizens are now easy prey for the hucksters of socialism, Jacobin leveling, and hate. The social protests and violence have begun. But against whom? Against what? If you are marching and killing against injustice, by what standard? So that you have as much as you want? So that everything will be free? So that everyone who has what you do not have is lined up and shot? Whose orders are you obeying?

            Confusion and unbelief always leads to revolution. But we can take this one step further. When this historical impasse exists, no one’s life matters. If the reigning American philosophy is true – no God, nothing but nature, government, and possessions – then there is not a life among us that is worth a penny. All lives are accidents. Neither black men nor white, neither brown nor yellow, has the slightest reason to complain against mistreatment, prejudice, or injustice. Each of these assumes an objective standard of morality that is not to be found in the megaphone hustler leading a protest or the slick politicians practicing the politics of guilt and envy.

            Have white police officers unjustly killed black citizens? If God does not exist, if our society rejects his law, if evolution is true, then who cares? No one can complain: survival of the fittest. Are corporations sucking our national lifeblood dry, supported by their political cronies and cabal of lobbyists? If God does not exist, nothing is right, nothing is wrong. Life just is, without rhyme or reason. Ironically, the current unpleasantness forces us to reject atheism. Justice matters. Human life matters, and your philosophy or science professor that tells you otherwise is a fool. Men may fornicate, blaspheme, and divorce with libertine recklessness, but in a crisis, absolute standards of justice matter very much. God and his law are unavoidable. If you will not worship him in the church, you will face him in the bloody streets. Unbelief always leads to societal revolution.

            However much these crises are exaggerated and enflamed by the media or orchestrated by Satan and his statist friends, the sides are becoming more entrenched. White America is arming and looking for a great white hope. Black America is rioting and shooting. Gang America is enjoying the chaos. Borderless America is being overrun. Sodomite America is painting everything pink and demanding not simply acceptance but compliance with its perversity. Government America is increasing its noose. Each shooting and instance of social chaos only supports its war against the citizenry and its infringement upon the rights of the people to self-defense. Make no mistake. All of these incidents will only enhance the authority of a stronger, centralized state. Unbelief not only leads to revolution, but it also leads to worse tyranny than before. For then, those with the biggest guns come in to be our saviors and institute the true reign of terror – the beast of unbridled statism and its war against the last vestiges of liberty.

            While this is far too large a subject for an essay, the most dangerous and most evil player in these events is our Federal government. It is fast becoming Leviathan – a surveillance and police state determined to promote its authority in every corner of the world, beginning at home. Already in the wake of this week’s events, our President is calling for more federal control over local police. He never misses an opportunity to call for stricter gun control. There is some pushback, but it is insufficient to stem the tide of handwringing millennials who are showing themselves quite open to socialist control of thought. Older Americans only want to sleep safely in their beds at night. The middling group is being taxed and legislated out of existence, as well as contributing to its own demise through disobedience to God. This is a perfect recipe for Leviathan – with its army of bureaucrats, politicians, security agencies, bankers, and military-industrial complex – to swoop in and save the day – at the cost of liberty.

            What is a preacher doing writing these things? Stick to Jesus and the gospel. Yet, did not Daniel speak of the Leviathans of his day, the Babylonian, Medo-Persian, Greek, and Roman empires, warning of their judgment by the coming of the Messiah? Did not John warn the first-century believers in Asia Minor of the Roman beast, with its emperor cult and imminent confrontation with the church? It is unfaithful to history and to Scripture for the church not to decry and Christian people not to resist the evils of statism. It is evil not to proclaim another King, one Jesus, to whom the kings of the earth must swear allegiance or face his wrath.

            Earlier than Daniel or John, David laid out Satan’s conspiracy against the kingdom of God. The kings and rulers of the earth set themselves against the Lord and his anointed, his Christ. They wish to rule as a law unto themselves. From a historical perspective, it is liberty-loving, God-fearing Christians who have been most resistant to statism. They have spilled their blood as martyrs and patriots. They would not kiss the image of the beast. When the claims of Christ and the claims of a pretentious state conflict, they did not love their lives unto death but lay them down for the rightful King of the nations.

            I know not what course current events will take. I try not to mind high things, for I am too puny. I would suggest that the best way to prepare for conflict with the beast is to follow our Savior’s directives to the seven churches of Asia Minor: hold fast to God’s truth patiently and faithfully (Rev. 2:2-3); keep your first love for God and Christ burning hotly (2:4); hate the compromisers (2:6); fearlessly endure tribulation and keep the crown of life before you (2:10); repent (2:16); do not fornicate, bodily or intellectually with the harlots of the age (2:20) but overcome by gaining clearer views of the exalted glory and reign of Jesus Christ (2:26-28); be watchful and grow stronger in the old ways of God’s truth (3:3:1-2); keep the word of Christ’s patience in the face of Satan’s schemes (3:10); hate and forsake a lukewarm faith (3:16); know that Jesus stands at the door and proclaims his word to us – hear him, repent, and enjoy his fellowship, or harden yourself against him and suffer (3:20).

            God is laughing at his enemies, and his laughter is our security. He holds the wicked in utter derision. By setting up his incarnate Son as King upon his holy hill of Zion, his church, he has spoken to us in peace and to his enemies in wrath. Jesus Christ rules in the midst of his enemies. His wrath will be kindled against them if they do not kiss him in faith and repentance. If we are to enjoy his blessings, we must obey his word to us. We must weep over the rebellion of our nation. We must carefully teach our children God’s truth. And we must trust God to kill the beast of our age. Jesus will kill him with the sword coming out of his mouth, his gospel. He will use the weak and despised weapons of his preached word to overcome the worldly wise and strong. No flesh will glory in his presence.