Fall Days to Seek the Lord

  • Posted on: 23 September 2020
  • By: admin
These times are greatly trying to our faith, but the Lord has told us not to be surprised by them. We know what to do when such times come -- seek the Lord. 2 Chronicles 7:14; Hosea 10:12; Daniel 9. Many believers around the country are seeking him, which is encouraging and indicative of a great work of God within his church, for only his hand can quicken us to seek him -- "Turn us, and we shall be turned" (Jer. 31:18; Lam. 5:21-22). There is nothing against which the flesh rebels as much as seeking him with all our hearts, leaving no stone unturned, being willing for him to give us sorrow unto repentance so that our cold hearts are quickened and our hard hearts plowed up by his Spirit. 
I invite all who are able to join me for concerned days of prayer and fasting on: 
Tuesday, September 15
Tuesday, October 20
Tuesday, November 3
Tuesday, December 15
On these days, I will be at the church facility to seek the Lord with all who wish to join me at 6am and noon. On Tuesday, November 3, I will be there again at 7pm and remain as long as there are individuals who wish to seek the Lord "until he come and rain down righteousness upon us" (Hos. 10:12), praying especially that day for the state of our nation: that the Lord would reveal his mighty arm in the new birth and conversion of multitudes; overturn the counsels and violence of the wicked; bless his gospel to leaven our nation with the life and power of our Savior's kingdom of mercy and power; that our elected officials at all levels would come under the confrontation and encouragement of Christ's light as Savior of sinners and King of the nations. 
This Lord's Day evening we shall consider Daniel 9 -- Daniel's prayer of repentance and mercy, and for this coming Tuesday, September 15, we shall use this as our guide at the prayer meetings -- repentance for our sins, personal, family, church, nation. More details about fasting will also be considered, as an aid to prayer and testimony to the seriousness with which we are seeking him -- read Calvin's Institutes, Book 4, Chapter 12, sections 15-18.
It is a hard work before us, but a glorious one, and I pray we shall be more conformed to our Savior's example, especially in the Hebrews 5:7 aspects of his work.
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Join us for days of Fasting and Prayer throughout the Fall