From the Pastor's Desk

Amazing Grace

  • Posted on: 17 July 2022
  • By: Chris Strevel

Bombarded as we are with graceless social gospels and divisive politicians, we need to hear constantly of God’s true grace. Let us follow the path of grace set forth in Titus 3:3-7. His grace exposes man’s darkness. We are “foolish, disobedient, and deceived” (Tit. 3:3). Sin has made us foolish – we do not listen to God’s word but are critics and skeptics. We are disobedient – God created us to walk with him in loving obedience. But, we are deceived – we listen to our own hearts and the dead hearts of others. They may be smart and have large followings, but they are self-deceived.

He Would Not Drink

  • Posted on: 1 May 2022
  • By: Chris Strevel

No incident recorded in our Lord’s life is without interest to the believer. No word or action while on the cross is without overwhelming interest. Consider this: “And when he had tasted, he would not drink” (Matt. 27:64). Wine mixed with gall was thought to be a mercy mixture to ease some of the excruciating pain associated with such a death. Our Lord tasted, then refused to drink. He wanted nothing to dull his senses. He was not an unfeeling sacrifice for sinners. All his concentration must be fixed and in sharpest focus for the work before him.